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"KOKOWERK is a hard-hitting garage rock and roll band, considered a fresh breath in their genre."
- The Music Butcher (US)


KOKOWERK album cover



KOKOWERK album cover


Enjoy these full blood Rock ‘n Roll tracks from our self-titled debut album, and support us in the process of making more music by buying our music and come to our gigs. 

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1. Gold Digger 0:30
2. Gasoline 0:30
3. Steelhorse Rodeo 0:30
4. Friend 0:30
5. Mary Anne 0:30
6. Red, White & Blue 0:30
7. Burned And Broken 0:30
8. Hard To The Bone 0:30
9. Coming For You 0:30





Track of the Day: Friend – KOKOWERK

Norwegian rockers KOKOWERK released their third single, “Friend”, on June 15th 2018. It follows their excellent tracks “Gasoline” (featured as Track of the day here in February) and “Red, White & Blue”. “Friend” is a catchy, infectious rock song with a groovy bassline and glorious riffs.

Maria Savva - Author

Track of the Day: Gasoline – KOKOWERK

If you like rock and roll, you’ll love “Gasoline”, the first single from Norwegian rockers Kokowerk. I found out about this band a couple of weeks ago when they left a comment on one of my blog posts. “Gasoline” is a catchy rock track that instantly grabbed my attention. It was written as a tribute to the late Malcolm Young. The band’s musical influences include AC/DC, among others.

Maria Savva - Author

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